Sunday, May 31, 2015

Careers in GIS

Applications of GIS

An urban planner might want to assess the extent of urban fringe growth in her/his city, and quantify the population growth that some suburbs are witnessing. S/he might also like to understand why these particular suburbs are growing and others are not.

A biologist might be interested in the impact of slash-and-burn practices on the populations of amphibian species in the forests of a mountain range to obtain a better understanding of long-term threats to those populations.

A natural hazard analyst might like to identify the high-risk areas of annual monsoon-related flooding by investigating rainfall patterns and terrain characteristics.

A geological engineer might want to identify the best localities for constructing buildings in an earthquake-prone area by looking at rock formation characteristics.

A cartographer Map maker and designing digital maps.

A mining engineer could be interested in determining which prospective Ore Deposits should be selected for future exploration, taking into account parameters such as extent, depth and quality of the ore body, amongst others.

A geoinformatics engineer hired by a telecommunications company may want to determine the best sites for the company’s relay stations, taking into account various cost factors such as land prices, undulation of the terrain et cetera.

A forest manager might want to optimize timber production using data on soil and current tree stand distributions, in the presence of a number of operational constraints, such as the need to preserve species diversity in the area.

A hydrological engineer might want to study a number of water quality parameters of different sites in a freshwater lake to improve understanding of the current distribution of Typha reed beds, and why it differs from that of a decade ago.
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