Saturday, May 2, 2015


Mineral Exploration
Mineral Exploration
Minerals and metals are one of the essential components for the growth of human society. Needs of survival taught the prehistoric Paleolithic men the uses of stones as tools even before 20,000 years ago. The discovery of minerals, its exploitation and uses became many folds with the advent of civilization and is continuing till date.
A mineral deposit, more meaningfully concentration of specific mineral, is too small a size in comparison to the Earth’s crust. Deposits near the surface had been discovered over the centuries, mined out and metals extracted.
Future searches will be aimed at naturally occurring concealed types. It may rarely show surface signatures like weathered outcrop and are covered under transported soil. The new discovery will not be easy. It will require state-of-the-art exploration techniques, trained man power, scientific knowledge, ample experience, high-end data processing system and interpretation skill. The total procedure would be achieved step by step in a dynamic and logical sequence.

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