Thursday, June 4, 2015

Build your GIS Knowledge

Build your GIS Knowledge

Data capture and preparation
It refers to the Data collection from the geospatial data sources.
there are 2 sources >>>
Primary Data Capture 
Other point measurements
Census data
GPS collections
Aerial photographs
Remote sensing data 

Secondary Data Capture (from others)
Published or released data (originally primary data)
All primary data from others are secondary data for you and me

Data management
Data management refers to the storage and maintenance of the data. This phase requires a decision to be made on how best to represent our data, both in terms of their spatial properties and the various attribute values which we need to store. The acquired data has to been put in digital form, that is, it has been converted into computer-readable format, so that we can begin our analysis.

Data manipulation and analysis
Spatial analysis is how we understand our world—mapping where things are, how they relate, what it all means, and what actions to take.
From computational analysis of geographic patterns to finding optimum routes, site selection, and advanced predictive modeling, spatial analysis is at the very heart of geographic information system (GIS) technology.
The process of examining the location, attributes and relationships of features in spatial data through analytical techniques. It extracts or creates new information from spatial data.

The data presentation phase
Deals with putting it all together into a format that communicates the result of data analysis in the best possible way.
Many issues arise in this phase. Among other things, we need to consider what the message is that we want to portray, who the audience is, what kind of presentation medium will be used, which rules of aesthetics apply, and what techniques are available for representation.

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