Friday, July 3, 2015

What a beautiful expensive pyroxene mineral !!!!

01 Jadeite

Dimension: Jadeite: 71.70 x 14.02 mm Weight: 264.25 ct.
Estimate From: $28000
Estimate To: $38000

The mottled dark green jadeite bangle of semi-translucence, measuring 71.70 x 14.02 mm, with weight of 264.25 carat.

This gemstone is actually a pyroxene mineral, usually of apple green, emerald green, bluish green or leek green in color. There have also been some that are either greenish white or white with some green spots. Jadeites are colorless in the thin section of the stone. The more intense the green, the more expensive the stone will get. The Chinese, however, also value the white jadeite with green spots. A deep blue-green jadeite that emits a translucent hue has also been discovered in recent times in Guatemala. While it is considered valuable because of historical reasons as the Mesoamerican Olmec used it, the rarity of this specific kind of jadeite has yet to be established. Once the Guatemalans start actively mining for it and confirms its rarity, the value may increase even more.
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