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Industrial grinding mill

Industrial grinding mill

What are the characteristics of an industrial grinding mill?

The grinding mill is the use of a very wide range of industrial equipment in the industry, metallurgy, building materials, chemical and other industries. Its main function is to a variety of mineral products fine processing, the solid raw materials into powder for use, often associated with the use of crusher. Due to the adoption of the principle is different, can be divided into six categories.
1, Raymond mill categories
Raymond mill equipment can be said to be the most as a product of the old. Its principle is simple, the production cost is low, is the most in all kinds of the site above ground. Because the longitudinal tilting operation of it, but also make Raymond mill has a nickname, called "powder machine".
2, high pressure suspension roller type
Speaking of high pressure suspension roll mill, the general construction site use may be less. But in the metallurgical industry has been fully applied. Because of this kind of product is characteristic of high production efficiency, to deal with large quantities, fast, uniform, fine powder. It can be said is a high-tech and a brilliant works, to bring you a new technology shock.
3, high pressure powder type
The use of high-pressure powder mill is mainly used in a variety of applications to have a fine powder. Powder milling equipment under the grinding out is very delicate, can meet the requirements of various harsh. In many of the details of the field are very useful. At the same time, because of its delicate. So it is unsuitable for mass production.
4, through the centrifugal type
Straight through type milling equipment is operated by centrifugal force of milling. The benefits of doing so is to wear and consumption level machine is relatively light, can be said to be relatively prolonged the service life of the machine. And the powder grinding out the delicate, fruity, particles are uniform, suitable for situations requiring high.
5, overpressure ladder type
Flour mixing machine overpressure ladder in the use of the scope of the present is not very extensive, which is due to the limitation of the special action of its own. But for some professional field, the use of overpressure ladder to smash, is the most efficient way. Therefore, this kind of product is also very large.
6, three medium class

Tricyclic intermediate type milling equipment are generally designed for large production line supply the crushing effect. The powder efficiency of medium speed, but wins in large quantity. And can run 24 hours a day, continue to provide all kinds of grinding materials, has a very good role in the industry.
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